program : house & refurbishment of an existing house

Date : 2016 -

Status : in progress

Place : leknäs, sweden

in collaboration with tristan zelic & camille sineau





For this project, we decided to engage directly on the site, instead of thinking the project abstractly from Stockholm, as an architecture residency. The land already host an existing house, the oldest house of the village.


Instead of demolishing the house, we decided to work on it and empty it from its different layers of time, as a primary structure.


On a parallel working process, in order to draw a courtyard within the garden, we placed another house, independent from the existing one. The project is conceived as a minimal living space, able to adapt to many different ways of living, from a 20 people dinner to a classical house and its different rooms. It is a long and thin house offering a direct relation to the site.

At the end of the residency, we invited every inhabitant of the village to an exhibition of the collected material during the process (models, drawings, photographs), as a way to discuss and end the collective work.